Cloud Infrastructure Audit

Our Cloud Infrastructure Audit focuses on 3 critical areas of cloud environments:

  1. Security: Security in the cloud is always a top priority, but things can get messy over time. A CIA can help you better understand your attack surface, uncover long forgotten configuration errors, risky default settings, and help regain control over your IAM/AD environment. 
  • Attack surface mapping and evaluation
  • Insecure/default configurations
  • Encryption Settings
  • Network/Firewall configurations
  • IAM/AD configurations and policies
  1. Cloud Sprawl Analysis: Monthly cloud costs have continued to steadily rise over the years, and businesses across all industries are feeling it. Our CIA can help identify outdated, inefficient, and underutilized resources to reduce your cloud environment’s complexity, increase efficiency, and even potentially lower costs.  
  • Identify potential inefficiencies 
  • Identify legacy components/processes
  • Identity orphaned/underutilized resources
  1. Cloud Risk Report: We take a holistic approach to identify and analyze risks, to ensure your organization spends its time and money focusing on what matters most, protecting your clients, partners, and customers. This report provides invaluable feedback on your environment designed to help your environment work more effectively and safely, in ways that actually make sense for your business. 
  • Holistic analysis of top cloud native risks
  • Security by design 
  • Backup policy and strategy analysis