Dark Web Monitoring

Regardless of what security tools and resources are in use, it’s almost an inevitability that at some point an organization’s data will be compromised and end up on the dark web. The extent and nature of the exposed information obviously varies, but most malicious actors aim for sensitive or confidential information such as compromised passwords, intellectual property, credit card details, and social security numbers. This leaked and stolen data is then shared and sold for financial gain on the dark web. Criminals can then use this information to commit a myriad of crimes and cause disastrous financial and reputational damage to a business. Dark web monitoring takes an active approach by using artificial intelligence and automated scanning to continuously scour dark web markets, pages, forums, etc. for the targeted information. Customized alerts are configured that notify relevant parties when information is found so that appropriate action can be taken to limit or mitigate the potential damage.

How this is helpful for your business:

  • Identifies exposed data and breaches that organizations may otherwise be unaware of
  • Reduces the window of opportunity criminals have to exploit the organization
  • Allows for early detection and quick responses to breaches
  • Provides additional visibility into threats that other security tools can’t detect or miss
  • Can even provide insight into imminent breaches by looking at various threat indicators