Learning Management System

We offer on-demand to a number of prefabricated courses, including Annual Security Awareness Training, Annual Privacy Training, and HIPAA Compliance Training. New courses can be created and customized for your business, on demand. Our platform supports narrated presentations, interactive quizzes, various tracking and reporting tools, and a course Q&A platform monitored by one of our analysts. 

Highlights – Ongoing training is vital to the effectiveness of a security and privacy program – best-practice is of little help if the staff can’t put it to practice! Our platform simplifies the process of assigning, educating, and tracking the completion of training content. The courses are asynchronous so that staff can complete courses as their time permits, but retain the benefit of analyst Q&A in our course forums. The platform’s designed to be simple and malleable to the client, with the goal of achieving the best training experience and results with the minimum amount of time and friction.