New Service Offerings

Cloud Infrastructure Audit

Our Cloud Infrastructure Audit focuses on 3 critical areas of cloud environments: Security: Security in the cloud is always a top priority, but things can get messy over time. A CIA can help you better understand your attack surface, uncover long forgotten configuration errors, risky default settings, and help regain control over your IAM/AD environment.  [...]

Dark Web Monitoring

Regardless of what security tools and resources are in use, it’s almost an inevitability that at some point an organization’s data will be compromised and end up on the dark web. The extent and nature of the exposed information obviously varies, but most malicious actors aim for sensitive or confidential information such as compromised passwords, [...]

Learning Management System

We offer on-demand to a number of prefabricated courses, including Annual Security Awareness Training, Annual Privacy Training, and HIPAA Compliance Training. New courses can be created and customized for your business, on demand. Our platform supports narrated presentations, interactive quizzes, various tracking and reporting tools, and a course Q&A platform monitored by one of our [...]