In a rapidly evolving digital world, the bar for an effective security posture seems to keep rising higher and higher. New threats are emerging constantly, and new policies and controls are required to keep them at bay. Secure practices are unfailingly an expectation of clients and authorities alike, but maintaining them is growing increasingly difficult. Already there are so many best practices to abide by that the task of organizing and accounting for them alone becomes overwhelming. Given these considerations, it’s no surprise that businesses around the world are increasingly looking toward implementing security frameworks like ISO 27001 and SOC 2. 

Not only do these standards provide organizations a guide to forming a current and robust information security system and controls, but the attestations they provide can be a tremendous asset for attracting business. There’s no need to wait for a client’s prompting – by jumping on these frameworks early, you maximize the benefits you can reap from them. Here’s a look at the industry’s most recognized frameworks, and what implementing them can do for your organization right now.

ISO 27001

When speaking about any sort of business standards internationally, ISO is a name you’ll see often. Its parent organization is the International Organization for Standardization, and 27001 is their standard for Information Security Management Systems. It outlines a thorough set of criteria an organization should meet when constructing and refining a water-tight security framework, and a certification can be received affirming this after an audit. ISO 27001 certifications are coveted across the globe, with ISO’s latest survey showing a global 24.7% increase in certificates active over 2020 alone. If you’re looking to build or reinforce your ISMS and/or operate overseas and under GDPR, look to ISO 27001.


Narrowing the scope to North American operations, SOC 2 serves as a substantial boon for strengthening controls. Its parent organization is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and SOC 2 is their method of validating the security of various business controls under five major Trust Services: Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, Availability, Privacy, and Security. Of these criteria, only Security is mandatory when filing for attestation, leaving this process flexible and more form-fitting, giving users room to choose which controls to demonstrate compliance in. If you’re wishing to reinforce your operational business controls and prove your compliance in your industry, consider SOC 2.

What Compliance Can Do for You

With a better understanding of what these frameworks are, you might be left to wonder what pursuing one might do for your business. Compliance is great, but why not just wait until someone asks for it? Well, for starters, you may well be too late at that point. From preparation to attestation, SOC 2 typically takes over three months and ISO 27001 often takes north of nine months to a year to attain. Past that, simply preparing for and holding these frameworks generates value for your business in a myriad of ways. Here are some to consider:

  • Attract clients with well-regarded attestations, stand out from competitors and win more business.
  • Bolster your security posture to exacting modern standards, reducing your risk of costly incidents, fines, and breaches.
  • Create an efficient information security structure that streamlines workflows and can scale with your growth.
  • Demonstrate a consciousness toward data privacy and security, boosting your organization’s reputation.

The benefits outlined above can be seen not just after receiving attestation for the standards, but begin to form as soon as progress towards the criteria begins. Building and refining better frameworks and controls is a gradual process, but you will undoubtedly benefit from the improvements made along the way. By beginning your ISO 27001 or SOC 2 process now, you will not only find yourself far better equipped to withstand threats to your business, but more attractive to prospective partners and clients.

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