Essential Tips to Prepare for a Security Audit

As the occurrence of data breaches and other security incidents continues to rise, more and more organizations today are taking their information security seriously. There are a wide variety of accreditations, certifications, frameworks, and regulations to follow and companies are increasingly choosing to (and in some cases being required to) adopt these... Want to read [...]

Key Questions for a Successful Security Walkthrough

A large part of many security audit methodologies are walkthroughs, where the auditing party will ask to speak to various members of the staff that can answer questions about various elements of the company’s security and/or privacy posture. This process is one we find to be extremely helpful for both of the parties involved, as [...]

How to Prepare for a Risk Assessment

Preparing for a risk assessment with confidence involves additional considerations to address the unique challenges in the digital landscape. Follow these steps to ensure a comprehensive and confident risk assessment: Want to read the full guide? Download the full PDF below: Sign Up for Newsletter

Top Tips to Prepare for a SOC 2 Audit

Preparing for a SOC 2 (System and Organizational Controls 2) audit is a comprehensive process that involves ensuring your organization complies with specific trust services criteria. These criteria assess the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of your systems and data. Below are the top 10 to-do items for full preparedness for a SOC [...]

Top Tips to Prepare for an ISO 27001 Audit

Preparing for an audit can be incredibly stressful, and ISO 27001 is no exception. Months of hard work and preparation, all come down to just a few meetings with an auditor, where the proverbial magnifying glass is put to your organization, and used to scrutinize your efforts. This process can be even more stressful if [...]