Tabletop Exercises

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Tabletop Exercises

A tabletop exercise is an informal, discussion-based session in which a team discusses their roles and responses during an emergency, walking through one or more example scenarios. The atmosphere is collegial and exploratory, and is not meant to put participants in the mindset they’d have during a disaster. Tabletop exercises are used to prepare for all sorts of crises, but cybersecurity and disaster recovery are common areas of focus.

Tabletop exercises are designed to expose weaknesses in organizational structures and to make sure that people actually follow protocols and best practices. After all, the best laid plans often fall apart when real-world humans have to implement them. While there are plenty of ways to test the technical aspects, a tabletop exercise tests the human and organizational factors that are just as important for cybersecurity.

CyberData Pros has performed hundreds of these exercise for clients. We custom design each tabletop exercise for our clients and make sure we also throw in some fun! We take extra time to understand your business and how the tabletop exercise can provide benefit to your organization. We break this down into three phases:

Design: Each exercise is designed for your business and stakeholders. We customize the entire process, as well as clarify the objectives and outcomes with the entire audience.

Engage: We create an interactive and encouraging space for people to ask questions and make mistakes. Our certified consultants will ask probing questions, throw in roadblocks, and make sure everyone stays on track.

Learn: The ultimate goal of a tabletop exercise is to learn and understand what you don’t know. We will prepare outcomes and next steps for your business to ensure you know what to do next.

Let CyberData Pros custom design and execute a tabletop exercise for your business today!