Slide Data Privacy and Security Made Simple. Our mission is to provide data privacy and security expertise to help companies spend more time growing their business by establishing a more secure ecosystem in today's dynamic global landscape.

Client Testimonial

The team at CyberDataPros was able to help us with an internal data privacy and security audit, as well as quickly remediate all the gaps.They are efficient, flexible, and experts in their field. I would highly recommend them for all of your data privacy and security consulting needs.

Partner Testimonial

We have worked with CyberData Pros on hundreds of clients and they are by far the most efficient and transparent partner that we have. Our business relies on CyberData Pros to make sure our clients are successful with their audits. We always recommend them!

Our services are useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let's start with your current data privacy and security compliance.

Congratulations! Your ducks are in a row, and you most likely have major compliance and data security issues covered. What you need now is process and documentation. We work with your team to draft best practices to make sure that you stay ahead of the curve as you grow and rules change.

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Everything starts with one person, even if that one person was hired for a completely different job. The fact is, one person might have gotten you this far, but meeting information security needs as you scale is not a one person job - even if that one person is an expert.

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Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay. If you're just getting started or figuring out your data security as you go, you would benefit from a Virtual CISO, which we offer. Basically, we become your information security department, providing turnkey solutions that will scale alongside your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You haven't had any problems yet. The fact of the matter is that no one thinks they need to focus on privacy, security and compliance until after they have been compromised. Our job is to focus on identifying problem areas before they become problems.
Great question. Having a CISO (chief information security officer) is essential, and if you go that route, they're who we will be working with. If you don't have the resources to dedicate to another c-level team member, we can help bridge the gap as you grow. Our solutions are built to provide value as your business and security needs scale.
Most likely, yes we can help you get certified, but it's more important for you to understand WHY you should be compliant. Whether you are dealing with HIPAA or PCI, we want to educate you on the importance of being a steward of sensitive information and why being a good actor is the best policy.
Here and now is the best place to start. Reach out and we'll discuss your business and security goals. From there, we'll get started on a 360° audit of your business and industry. To get you where you need to be, we have to fully understand where you are, and the audit will help us establish a path to success.