Privacy Impact Assessments

Explore the benefits of our Privacy Impact Assessment service, a powerful tool designed to help organizations identify, categorize, and address privacy risks within their data systems in alignment with applicable legislative standards. Our assessments aim to verify privacy compliance with organizational and legal requirements, identify existing privacy risks, and propose effective solutions for risk mitigation.

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A Privacy Impact Assessment is a tool that enables organizations to identify, categorize, and ultimately remediate privacy risks present in their data systems per relevant legislative standards. The objectives of these assessments are a few: to verify the data system’s privacy conformity with organizational and legal requirements, to determine the privacy risks present in the data system, and to evaluate solutions to mitigate identified risks. 

Understanding what constitutes a PIA and its goals, a natural follow-up question would be who needs one. The necessity of one largely depends on the requirements of whatever regulations your business must abide by – different frameworks require these assessments at different stages of data handling. Odds are, however, that if you are bound to privacy legislation and handle customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you will at minimum be required to conduct a PIA when said data is newly processed or sold. Additionally, whenever significant changes/additions are made to the data system’s structure or its processes, then a PIA is typically highly advised, if not required outright.