ISO 27701

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ISO/IEC 27701, known as the Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), is an international standard that provides a framework for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a robust and effective privacy management system. This standard builds upon the foundation of ISO/IEC 27001, the widely recognized information security management standard, and extends its principles to specifically address privacy concerns.

ISO 27701 outlines guidelines and best practices for managing personally identifiable information (PII) in a privacy-centric manner. It assists organizations in demonstrating their commitment to privacy, fostering a transparent approach to handling personal information. The standard offers a systematic and risk-based approach to privacy management, encompassing aspects such as data protection policies, legal compliance, consent management, and ongoing monitoring and improvement.

By aligning with ISO 27701, organizations can enhance their privacy posture, build trust with stakeholders, and navigate the complex landscape of privacy regulations and expectations. This standard is particularly valuable for entities seeking to demonstrate compliance with various privacy laws, standards, and frameworks globally.