Privacy Policies

A privacy policy should be specifically crafted for your company. CyberData Pros has worked with hundreds of clients to help generate these policies. Let us customize a Privacy Policy that fits your business.

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Privacy Policy is a legal document that details the information you collect on users, the purpose and methods of that collection, and how that information will be processed or sold. What constitutes “personal” information varies by regulation, but a nice rule-of-thumb is that if the data can be used to personally identify an individual (things like names, addresses, emails, or age) it’s safe to consider it personal.

In terms of purpose, these policies primarily exist to protect customer privacy rights and to encourage transparency and consumer trust in businesses. Past these conceptual benefits lies one critical, tangible one for businesses – reducing legal liability in an increasingly privacy-concerned world. Crucial in seeing those benefits, however, is the comprehensiveness of the policy. A privacy policy should be specifically crafted for your company. It should be an intricate and intentional guide for how you agree to not only protect your clients but ultimately how you will protect your company as well.