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Case Study

HealthLink provides health care access in your neighborhood, with flexible options, regional network advantages and customized support.

The Problem

Handling a generous amount of personal data in any organization can have its pros and cons. At HealthLink Dimensions, they strive to empower hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health plans, and marketing agencies with the most accurate data to reach the healthcare industry. They have the largest provider databases in the nation. Plus, they also have detailed information about their contacts, including hard-to-get data like prescribing behavior, preferred time to receive emails, and so much more. With that much data easily accessible and available, HealthLink turned to CyberData Pros to help them protect the privacy of its users and understand requirements to develop a compliance program that met them all.


CyberData Pros collaborated with HLD to address all of their pressing challenges. CDP conducted an in-depth audit of HLD's privacy policy, practices, and privacy response playbook. Their findings helped HLD identify areas for improvement and refine their privacy program to align with best practices and compliance requirements. CyberData Pros provided ongoing support to HLD by keeping them informed with constant changing privacy requirements: This included updates on new regulations and advising on best practices to maintain compliance. Understanding that each client had unique privacy needs, CyberData Pros helped HLD develop compliance rules that would meet the specific requirements of each client. This ensured HLD's commitment to serving its clientele effectively. CyberData Pros worked closely with HLD to embed a culture of privacy and security in their product and service development process. This approach ensured that data privacy and security were integral to every offering, strengthening HLD's commitment to responsible data usage.

The Result

As a result of these actions, HealthLink's privacy measures and policies were improved to align with the changing privacy laws and requirements. The revision of their privacy policy ensured compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, enhancing the protection of user data. With the assistance of CDP, HealthLink gained a better understanding of privacy laws and identified areas that needed attention, thus strengthening their overall privacy practices. Additionally, the new playbook provided HealthLink with a consolidated and easily accessible resource containing important and timely privacy advice. HLD is now fully equipped to comply with data privacy laws and standards. With CyberData Pros' guidance, we are ensuring they remain at the forefront of data security and compliance.


"CyberData Pros helped HLD in a number of ways, including: helping HLD to meet the privacy requirements of its clients. HLD works with a variety of clients in the healthcare space, each with their own unique privacy requirements. As a result of CyberData Pros' help, HLD is now well-positioned to meet the challenges of the evolving privacy landscape and to protect the privacy of its users."

Nathan Lenyszyn

Vice President of Marketing at HealthLink Dimensions